A huge amount of tape and label material in jumbo rolls for the label converter

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Seal King Europe

The exclusive European Portal of Seal King Taiwan. We operate this portal from our base in the Netherlands and we are part of Multifoil BV. With a large European stock, our knowledge and flexibility Seal King Europe is able to service the European customers fast and efficient. Consequently we (off course) work closely with Seal King Taiwan.

Multifoil is a Dutch producer of double sided technical tapes and are dedicated on finding you the perfect, sometimes innovative, adhesive solution. Multifoil is proud to help a wide range of customers, industries and applications with their bonding challenges. We export our industrial adhesives to 55 countries in the world. Check for information on our other activities. Visit our website www.multifoil.com

Security labels / tamper evident

Besides the large variety of product types, sizes and/or colors, Seal King Europe can also customize your labels with your company logo, sequential numbering and/or barcode for example. The standard VOID message on our ­labels is OPEN VOID but this can also be customized. Therefore, ­in ­addition to the safety features, you can perfectly use the labels as a marketing tool. 

Security tapes / tamper evident

Ideal to secure all of your packages during shipment. Strong, reliable and efficient. Suitable for carton boxes. But also carton pouches, paper envelopes and even pallets wrapped with stretch film. Seal King Europe can provide you with the perfect ­security tape.