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Why customise your security tape?

When opened the tape will leave behind an ­irreversible and highly visible VOID message. Beside the Void message it is also possible to customize the top print of your security tape. Customized security tape provides a maximum security.  In addition to the safety features, a customized tape can also be used as a marketing tool.


Create an unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind


With a good design, a customised tape will complement your product.



Imagine the message you can bring with a well designed customised tape


Loyalty is all about consumer preferences, a degree of satisfaction.

Highly customisable

You can design your own security tape or let us do the job. Change the top print and/or void message for maximum security and marketing tool. Much is possible!  When you don't need a customized tape, you can always choose from our standard tapes. 

All tapes are also available in machine rolls for automated packaging.

  • Security tape - customise color


    You can choose from more than 7 colors

  • Security tape - customise dimensions


    Change the dimensions to your needs

  • Security tape - customise your logo


    Design your tape or let us do the job

  • Security tape - customise open void

    Void Message

    Change the content of the void message

Want to see an example?

Please contact us and we will provide you with a digital example of your desired customized tape.

customise your security tape - different colors

Which steps to take?

Pick a color and we do the rest

Seal King security tapes are available in 7 vibrant base colors. Pick your tape color, inform us about the desired top print (maximum 2 colors) and void message. Design your ideal security tape working as an additional marketing tool and providing maximum security to all of your valuables. Contact us know for more information.