• Double sided security tape 12mm
  • Security tape double sided 12mm

Security tape double sided 12mm

A partial transfer double sided security bag sealing tape

To secure all of your valuables packed in bags. This bag sealing tape leaves a partial void message behind when the bag is tampered with.

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Security tape double sided 12mm for bags

You can use this double sided security tape 12mm to secure all of your PE and OPP bags (min 36 Dyne). Product code BR-12404M. This tape leaves a partial adhesive behind when removed. You can close the tape again after removal but the void message which stays behind is indelible. You can use this security tape on airport duty free bags, cash bags, transit bags, courier bags and polished paper boxes .

Your benefits of using BR-12404M

Excellent anti counterfeit tape to secure all of your goods transported in PE and OPP bags. Available in blue colour. You can customise this tape with your own void message.

For converters

This double sided security tape is available in 30mm and 40mm with a maximum lenght of 500 meter. Contact us for more information.

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