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Jumbo & slitt rolls

Fast delivery of jumbo rolls

As a label converter you produce a wide variety of labels and probably make use of various raw materials in order to satisfy your customer. As a tamper evident specialist we have seen significant growth in requests for security labels in all sorts of applications and industries.

We can imagine that you come across these specialized requests. A niche market with high quality demands. As a label converter you will want to respond to the demand fast and with flexibility. But prefably without holding stock!

Small order quantities and fast delivery

Seal King Europe can provide you with next day delivery of a wide variety of zero transfer, total transfer and partial transfer tamper evident material. In jumbo rolls or in smaller quantity. No stock for you, fast delivery and still be able to service your customer with a specialized security label.

Besides the large variety of product types, sizes and/or colors, we can also customize the label material with a customized void message. Our security label material is available in total, partial en zero transfer.

Tamper evident label material

Total transfer

Leaves an explicit VOID message on your paper and carton packages. Therefore widely used for securing for example all of your confidential documents, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods and other products packed in paper and carton.

Tamper evident label material

Partial transfer

Leaves a semi tacky residue behind after removal and is resealable. Therefore widely used on corona treated PE bags (min 36 Dyne), glossy papers and high energy plastics packages.

Tamper evident label material

Zero Transfer

Leaves no residue on your product. Therefore widely used on high energy surfaces like glass and metal. Perfect to secure for example car doors, airplane doors, trains, power houses, computers, laptops and smartphones.