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  • Zero transfer security tape

Security tape non transfer

Zero Transfer Security tape with numbering and perforation

If you are looking for a security tape with perforation and sequential number to safeguard your goods from fraud or theft than this special edition of the SK 69 is the right tape for you! This tamper evident tape is perforated every 150mm which gives you 333 labels per roll. Easy to apply, maximum security.

Our SK 69 series is specifically designed for high energy surfaces where extra anti fraud is needed. Such as windows, safe deposit boxes, money boxes and container doors. The tape can also be used to safeguard lockers, archives and power houses. When opened it will show a clear mark of fraud on the tape and leave no residue behind. After removing the tape the surface stays perfectly clean. The tape is standard featured with a clear top print and an unique numbering. The tape is also perforated every 150mm and therefore easy in use.

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Applications Security tape non transfer

You can use Security tape non transfer on all of your high energy surface objects. This tape does not leave any void message behind after removal. Your secured object stays perfectly clean. An indelible message appears in the labels. We call this indelible message the void message. When the void message is revealed this indicates that someone has removed the label and opened your object or product. You can use this tape best on high energy surfaces like car doors and container doors. But you can also use them to secure your laptop, computer USB ports, archive doors and many more.

Your benefits of using a Zero tamper tape

Your secured surface will stay perfectly clean. Secondly this Zero tamper tape SK-69SN has unique sequential numbering and perforation every 150mm, 333 labels per roll. You do not need a dispener. The SK-69SN non transfer tape is therefore easy in use. Please contact us for more information.

Available colours

The SK-69SN non transfer tape can be produced in red and blue. Please contact us for more information.

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