A huge amount of tape and label material in jumbo rolls for the label converter

What transfer best fits my application?

Tamper-evident material has three kinds of transfers! An important difference because all transfers have been developed
for different applications and substrates.

Most tamper evident labels leave a void message behind on the surface of your product after removal. In the world of Seal King security materials we speak of three types of transfers:

  1. A total transfer leaves total residue behind
  2. A partial transfer leaves a partial residue behind
  3. A zero or non transfer leaves no residue behind

It is very important to choose the correct material for your application. For instance: you really don't want a total transfer to secure the door of a car. You will not be able to remove transfer from the car.

Seal King security tapes are available in total and zero transfer. Our tamper evident labels come in three different types: Total Transfer, Zero Transfer or Partial Transfer.

The next three video's of each type clarifies the characteristics of the different transfers of our tamper-evident materials.

Stop fraud hand
video - total transfer explained

Tamper evident label material

Total transfer

Leaves an explicit VOID message on your paper and carton packages. Therefore widely used for securing for example all of your confidential documents, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods and other products packed in paper and carton.

video - partial transfer explained

Tamper evident label material

Partial transfer

Leaves a semi tacky residue behind after removal and is resealable. Therefore widely used on corona treated PE bags (min 36 Dyne), glossy papers and high energy plastics packages.

video - zero transfer explained

Tamper evident label material

Zero transfer

Leaves no residue on your product. Therefore widely used on high energy surfaces like glass and metal. Perfect to secure for example car doors, airplane doors, trains, power houses, computers, laptops and smartphones.

Why choose Seal King?

The ice spray test

Thiefs are usually pretty creative! That's why you need the best tamper-evident products in the market. Seal King tapes are perfectly engineered quality products and tested all the time. To emphasize this we have made an ice spray comparison test with a competitor tape.

video - The ice spray test

Why choose Seal King?

The rub test

If you decide to protect your valuables against counterfeit and/or theft you better choose a product that works! Seal King developes and improves its tapes and labels continiously in order to service you with the best in the market!  To emphasize this we have made a rub comparison test with a competitor tape.