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Anti tampering & theft tape

Seal King Europe: supplier of reliable anti tampering & theft tape

Seal King Europe is the manufacturer of security tamper-evident tapes. We are specialized in label securing, protect tape, foam tapes and many other forms of security seals. Seal King Europe is the most reliable security tape manufacturer of anti tampering & theft tape. Our anti theft tape can be applied to almost any surface. With the possibilities ranging from plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, glass, wood and many other materials, you can rest assured that the tamper seals and safety seal stickers will be intact and functional. Our customers vary from forensics, military, aviation security, banking pharmacy to electronic goods protection and lots of other branches. Seal King Europe offers you three different products: security tapes, security labels and security bag sealing tapes. As the leading expert on safety seal and tape, we provide tamper evident labels and void tape for top logistic securing.

Use Anti theft tape or safeguard tape for maximum protection

Anti theft tape and anti tampering tape are the most common and cost-effective tapes. They protect unauthorized entry into boxes and parcels by leaving an adhesive residue behind when someone tries to peel it away. This gives you the guarantee that the tape offers the ultimate protection for your shipments, as opposed to other tapes that leave no residue or low residue on the parcel. The safeguard tape is mostly used to seal cartons, drums, doors and any other container. Our anti theft tape provides maximum security, and delaminates on tampering or removal in a special way. It leaves permanent evidence of tampering on the surface. The protect tape can be applied by using a tape gun. You can also apply it by hand to any cardboard box or shrink wrapped pallet to protect against unauthorised entry. Safeguard label material offers certainty and security for you and your customers.

Seal King Europe offers high quality tamper safe label securing

Besides our protect tape, safeguard tape and pilfering tape, we also offer security labels and stickers. These security labels and seal stickers provide an anti-tamper seal. The safeguard label is mostly used for doors, windows, file cabinets, equipment, boxes and other containers. Seal King Europe offers different types of label securing. We offer zero transfer, partial transfer and full transfer tape. Our non-residue labels provide security and don’t leave a sticky adhesive residue on any surface. The non-residue safeguard label is designed to show signs of tamper evidence immediately when removed. The protect seal will self-destruct when removed. The hidden message “OPEN VOID” will appear in the label. This makes the non-residue safeguard label suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. The labels are very easy to apply and our tamper-evident labels are rated as the best in the world. They stay effective under the most heave temperatures, securing your supply chain everywhere. The labels are in stock and available on jumbo rolls. We manufacture a label that is securing high energy plastic packages, glossy papers and corona treated PE bags. This safeguard seal leaves a partial “OPEN VOID” message behind after removing. This is a cost-effective way of securing different types of high energy plastic packages.

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Customize your detection anti theft tape and labels

All of our anti tampering & theft tapes and protect seals are completely customizable and available in different colors. The “OPEN VOID” security message can be customized to show any other text. It is possible to print your company logo on the detection anti theft tape or eu security warranty label. The protection tape and labels can be custom printed for any specific application, including barcode or sequential numbering. Choose from standard sizes or buy personalized measurements. Protect your shipments with security label material, provided by Seal King Europe.

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Please contact us and we will provide you with a digital example of your desired customized tamper evident tape.

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Your logo or and message on a security tape?

First of all, a lot is possible! Choose from nine tape colors, pick a design and color for your top print and customize the void message. You can even change the tape dimensions if you want! We keep your tape highly confidential and off course only produce for you. Contact us for questions, you might be surprised by the possibilities ánd price!