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Customised tamper evident tape

As an addition to our standard tape we are able to service you with a personalized tape from only 300 rolls and up. An excellent way to upgrade your tamper evident tape. The possibilites are endless. You choose your color, the top print and you can even customise the VOID message. Further more you can make adjustments to widhts and lengts of your bespoke tamper evident tape. Many customers have chosen this as an option to add even more value to their packaging or supply chain. 


You can customize the security tape with your brand, message, logo or anything else you would like to express. Remember you can personalize the TOP print and the VOID message!


Imagine the message you can deliver with a well designed security tape!

Create your own security tape


A well designed tape is able to complement your sales and marketing activities! 


When uniqueness and quality go hand in hand, why change a winning team?

Highly customisable

You can design your own security tape or let us do the job. Change the top print and/or void message for maximum security and marketing tool. Much is possible!  When you don't need a customized tape, you can always choose from our standard tapes. 

All tapes are also available in machine rolls for automated packaging.

  • Security tape - customise color


    You can choose from more than 7 colors

  • Security tape - customise dimensions


    Change the dimensions to your needs

  • Security tape - customise your logo


    Design your tape or let us do the job

  • Security tape - customise open void

    Void Message

    Change the content of the void message

Want to see an example?

Please contact us and we will provide you with a digital example of your desired customized tape.

customise your security tape - different colors

Which steps to take?

Pick a color and we do the rest

Seal King security tapes are available in 9 vibrant base colors. Pick your tape color, inform us about the desired top print (maximum 2 colors) and void message. Design your ideal security tape working as an additional marketing tool and providing maximum security to all of your valuables. Contact us know for more information.