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Security label partial transfer

Security labels suitable on high energy plastic packages, glossy papers and corona treated PE bags

This tamper evident label leaves a partial OPEN VOID message behind on the surface after removing. This product is designed as a cost effective way to secure various types of high energy plastic packages, glossed paper materials and corona-treated PE bags (min. 36 Dyne)

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Security label partial transfer

You can use this security label partial transfer to secure all of your plastic surfaces. You can also use these labels to secure your PE bags (Corona treated min 36 Dyne) and all of your glossy magazines. This security label has product code SK-81. These security labels leave a partial adhesive behind after removal. You can close this label again after removal. The void message which appears in the label is indelible. Once you remove the labels they cannot be replaced again. You can use this security label on products such as cosmetics, plastic medicine bottles, PE bags and glossy magazines.

Your benefits of using SK-81 labels

You can close the tamper evident label again after removal because the adheisve stays sticky. The void message which appears in the label is indelible.

For Label converters

Especially for converters these security label partial transfer material is also available in jumbo rolls, logs and slit rolls. Contact us for more information.

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