Tamper evident tape with Void message to protect each shipment

Our tamper evident tape provides an anti-tamper seal for shipping pallets, cardboard boxes, bags, letters and many other types of parcels and containers. As an additional security measure, apply the tamper proof tape. Removing this tamper evident tape will cause the tape to destroy itself leaving a message, reading: ‘opened' or ‘VOID’. This security text will appear on both the affixed surface and in the security tape itself. What's more, the tamper proof tape indicates tampering by showing mis-alignment or even a broken seal. A broken safety seal indicates that an unauthorized person tried to open the box. Seal King Europe is the leading European security tape manufacturer and offers security labels, security seals, warranty void labels, tamper evident tape and many other types of safety seal products. The tamper evident feature is different for each type of product. Each safety seal and tape will:

  • Protect your pallets while being shipped
  • Protect your product packages from theft
  • Combats pilfering or tampering
  • Alerts you and the recipient of possible tampering
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The tamper proof tape, security labels and seals are available from stock in many different sizes, colours and types. Customised versions are available on demand. Seal King Europe provides support and offers expert advice if necessary.

Choose the tamper proof tape that best suits your needs and requirements

The tamper evident tape Seal King Europe provides is mainly used to seal shipping boxes and pallets. Choose a tape with a serial number if you are in need of better security. It is of the utmost importance that you make sure that the serial number is being recorded as a part of the shipping documentation process. Tamper proof tape features a diagonal line to indicate slitting and tampering. A customized safety tape can offer you more security than a regular stock version. A thoroughly safe way of protecting your goods during shipping is tamper evident tape with a Void message that starts to unravel when someone tries to undo it. The security tape will then leave behind a security text on the tape itself, or the surface it's adhered to. This depends on the type of security label material you choose. Label securing and protect tape can either leave no residue, full residue or partial residue, resulting in different features of the tamper proof labels.

Security seals and security labels work as a preventive guard

Locks can be opened and closed numerous times without a trace. But when someone tries to open security seals with a tamper indicator label, they will damage and it is not possible to reconstruct the sealing tape to its original state. It should be replaced with a new safety seal. This will reveal obvious evidence of tampering. Seal King Europe is the leading manufacturer of warranty Void labels, security seals and tamper evident tape. Our security labels and security seals are cold and heat resistant. It is impossible to re-seal it once it has been lifted or loosened from the surface. If removal is attempted, the red security seals and labels will provide visibly marked evidence of tampering.

3 types of security labels

Features of security labels

  • Designed to detect unauthorized entry
  • Highly effective box corner sealing
  • Available with serial numbers, barcodes, customized messages and printing
  • Used for sealing a disposable package
  • Hollow security words (Void) surrounded with sticky adhesives

Seal King Europe: the number one security tape manufacturer of tamper proof tape and warranty void labels

Seal King Europe manufactures and supplies a wide range of tamper evident tape, warranty void labels and security labels. These are available on rolls or sheets in a variety of sizes, colours and even tamper evident patterns. This way of securing your goods will effectively reduce the possibility of theft or unauthorized opening of your cargo. By customising your security seals or security labels with a company name or logo, you enhance your corporate image. Do you have questions or are you in need of expert advice during the process of choosing the right security tape for your needs and requirements? Don't hesistate to contact us for support and extra information on customised tamper proof labels or tape to match your specific needs.

Premium tamper evident security tapes

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First of all, a lot is possible! Choose from nine tape colors, pick a design and color for your top print and customize the void message. You can even change the tape dimensions if you want! We keep your tape highly confidential and off course only produce for you. Contact us for  questions, you might be surprised by the possibilities ánd price!